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 Fujian Hualing Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned subsidiary of China (Fujian) Foreign Trade Center Group. Its registered capital is 5 million yuan. In 2003, it was granted the right of outreach by the Ministry of Commerce. In the world's major exporting countries The establishment of their own service network, is the international exhibition of professional services exhibitors. The company has a number of senior exhibition industry salesman, experienced and capable, the perennial organization of Chinese enterprises to participate in the international well-known, influential professional international trade fair, has been successfully for more than 10 years group delegation. The company stressed that all staff abide by professional ethics, integrity first, the spirit of "customer first, service first, sincere-based" ...
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International Exhibition

Europe:  法兰克福春消、法兰克福办公用品、慕尼黑体育用品展、 纽伦堡玩具、奥芬巴赫皮革、捷克服装/鞋革展

America: TGS箱包展、亚特兰大展礼品展、洛杉矶加州展、 盐湖城运动用品展、纽约鞋展、纽约礼品展

Asia: 香港书展、香港家庭用品展、香港授权展、香港影视展、 泰国佛事用品展、尼泊尔商品展、台湾展

Other: 中非塞内展、中非埃塞展

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Address: Fuzhou City, Fujian Province Wusi Road 75, 3 - tier foreign trade center
Fax: 0591-88040254
Wu Xi: 0591-87522261; 13705951188                                Huang Qiaoling: 0591-87503951; 13600855151
Chen Yan: 0591-87528469; 13358266891                        Cai Jingjing: 0591-87674026; 18950390871
Yan Xiaohong: 0591-83832837; 18050161775                 Wang Yifeng: 0591-87629562; 13358266091
Lin Yanping: 0591-87555920; 18359109261